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What’s in It for Me?


Do everything from your terminal. You don’t need to access our web interface ever again unless you really want.

Invite your coworkers.

Our tools are designed for small teams and freelancers. You can invite anyone you want without nonsense limits.

Reliable Git hosting.

We do everything we can to keep this server as fast as possible. We also store redundant backup copies over Amazon S3.

Simple interface that works.

You don’t have to use our web interface, but if you do you’ll have a nice experience. We strongly believe that keeping things simple is the way to go.

Codeplane is a minimalist web application designed to keep things simple. See for yourself.

Create repositories.
Create as many repositories as you can fit into 2GB. This is the only limit you’ll have. And believe me. You can put a lot into 2GB.
Invite collaborators.
You can invite anyone you want to collaborate on your repositories. Again, there's no limit here. And you just need one paid account.
Backup repositories.
We will save backups of all repositories you change once a day. You just need set up your Amazon S3 credentials and you’re done.
Full-featured terminal support.
You can use our tool to manage all your stuff right from your terminal. You won’t have to go to our web interface on daily basis.

Guess what? Codeplane is commitment free.

You can cancel it anytime. No strings attached.

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